One With God

“The glory which You have given Me I have given to them, that they may be one, just as We are one;”~John 17:22~

The thing called the Christian Life in today’s contemporary western society is not life at all. The resurrected life is the only life we are intended live. We are created to live in the realm of impossibility. Our spirit welcomes this restoration to what is the King’s definition of normal life, while the flesh, as seen in the power of human reasoning, utterly rejects the impossibility of God’s commands as a mystery to be neither comprehended nor apprehended. There is no sickness in heaven, no oppression, no heaviness, no bondage….all of the atmosphere of Heaven is born out of the reality created by the presence of the King; the same King Who lives in the believer. That weightier, more substantial, never fading world, exists in us and we are created to be carriers and expressor’s of that world. There is neither sun nor moon in the Kingdom of our God, for He provides all the light from the radiance of the glory shining from His face.

Complete obedience is required to align ourselves with the permanent reality of Heaven. We see that glorious Kingdom manifesting in and through us only as we commit to living and breathing as those who have no other lovers but Jesus. Single minded focus. Whole hearted devotion. The laid down life of the love sick worshiper of Jesus, is the only life on the planet that burns with the FIRE of God’s holiness. Every outward struggle to “be holy” is a complete waste of time. He has made us Holy by the shed Blood of the Lamb. We remain in that holy state by remaining in Him. Our daily decision to stay in the place of deep abiding, determines how much of the Kingdom reality will manifest in our lives. There is a point when every desperate lover of King Jesus will pass through from this quickly fading world, into a realm of such beauty and glory that everything known before is revealed to be mere sawdust.

Through the shed Blood of the Lamb, Humanity has been given an all access pass to the wonders of the Throne Room of God. The cost of dwelling daily in the Presence of the very source of Life and Light is not calculated by a complex formula of rules and observance. The cost is determined by the careful and reverent gazing of the human heart upon the Cross. The cost has to be understood from Heaven’s perspective or it will never be understood. Heaven’s standard of excellence so far eclipses our sweat stained grasping at ministry works and building of “church things”; as one hundred billion Mt. Everest’s to a grain of sand. God doesn’t need anything from us. He invites us with a smile to join Him in the fulfillment of His plan and let me say it again with great emphasis,”GOD NEEDS US FOR NOTHING.”

We need Him for EVERYTHING.

Lazarus DIED because Jesus refused to do anything He didn’t see the Father doing.

How committed are you to only doing what you see the Father doing?

How many reading this understand that we are to do NOTHING in the Kingdom unless we see the Father do it?

God, the Holy Spirit, is raising up a people who will live in His sight with unwavering devotion to the will of the King.

To be united to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in love, means to be absent ANY personal agenda or ambition.

The beginning and end of love is unity. To do things as one.  To think, breathe, speak, and live as one with the Living God.

Kingdom Love requires total death to self preservation.

The antithesis of God’s idea of man and woman joined together as one in love is the demonic concept of identity retention.

“I must decrease and He must increase.”

Murder is the eventual result of living as one who strives to retain identity apart from God. Murder, as defined by Jesus, is not only the taking of someone’s physical life, but “merely” hating them.

We are to be joined with our God, our spouse and the fellowship of believers…as one.

One voice. One heartbeat. One vision.

What happens when disunity impacts the vision of any human organization?

DIVISION, which means two visions.

Divorce. Two visions.

Jesus prayed that we may be one as They are One.


 So the world who is looking on, will know that our God lives.

 His Life is expressed from the unity of His people, as they walk in friendship with Him and love toward one another.

For God, who said, “Light shall shine out of darkness,” is the One who has shone in our hearts to give the Light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ.

~2 Corinthians 4:6~

Be Blessed!
Rick~August 2010