The Wild Sword Dance

The methods implemented in our study of the Word of God are critical to success. As we recognize that the power of life and death resides in the tongue of man, we must joyfully acknowledge the explosive reality set before us.

There are no words more LIVING on the entire planet than the Words of the King Himself. Few things are more powerful in the advancing of His Kingdom, than the reading and singing of His Word. 

Out LOUD… 

ALL the fullness of God is in His Word!

Please consider the list below prayerfully:

His Life. 

His Joy. 

His Provision. 

His Power. 

His Glory. 

His Peace. 

His Hope.

His Holiness.

His Freedom.

His Mercy.

His Wisdom.

His Justice.

His Knowledge.

His Grace.

His Will.

His Emotions.

His Thoughts.

His Smile.

His Laughter.

His Love.

We must be children of the Father who are skilled at wielding the Sword of the Spirit. Many people wait until the rush and heat of combat is upon them before fumbling for a rusty, unfamiliar sword. The grip is all wrong, the edge dulled and the muscles needed for effective use against the enemy are flabby from neglect.

The Lord of Hosts invites us to enter the Training Fields of the King; to become expert Swordsmen, finely tuned to the Weight and Balance of His Word. Our spiritual muscles of discernment, wise judgment and prophetic insight will be sinewy steel, fit for the bloody battles that lie ahead. 

The continued declaration of His Word over every situation and circumstance we encounter, calls ALL of the fullness of the King in His Glory into our RIGHT NOW. When the day of testing looms on the horizon, those conditioned as His Elite Royal Warriors…run towards the battle with shouts of fierce joy, eager to overturn every injustice and right every wrong. Darkness and confusion flee before the radiant glory of God’s Love soaked saints. 

“Let true lovers break out in praise,

sing out from wherever they’re sitting,

Shout the high praises of God,

brandish their swords in the wild sword-dance.”
(Psalm 149:5-9) ~MSG~ 

Be Blessed!