Transformative Creativity for the Bride

“And in all matters of wisdom and understanding about which the king examined them, he found them ten times better than all the magicians and astrologers who were in all his realm.”(Daniel 1:20)~NKJ~ 

Father, I thank You for the release of the Spirit of Creation throughout the whole earth; cause true lovers from every tribe, every tongue and every nation to be saturated in Your Creativity in this hour, to the Glory of Your Name Jesus. Amen.

The bride will be overwhelmed with the burning desire to express her growing love and adoration for her Groom. This will be seen in the most prolific explosion of creative expression through the arts the world has ever seen. Sculpting, painting, writing, cinematography, music…along with new art forms…This prophetic gifting will flood the earth with so many expressions of the Greatest Love Story ever told, that it will change whole industries forever. Thank You, Father!

The wealth of the world will flow into the hands of believers because even those who have not yet known Him will be deeply moved and even brought into encounter with the King through these anointed creative expressions. If you have a desire to glorify God through creative expression, the Spirit of God says, “Don’t Hold Back.” Press into My heart, search all through the night, don’t draw back from the revelation of My goodness. What’s coming will make the Renaissance look like children at play with sticks and mud. About the children…


… they will lead the mighty out of the Valley of Achor with shouts of laughter. Be careful not to despise the children. The time for separating them from gatherings of My people is done. The mighty shall be led out by children! Amen.

I don’t know how this will be done…but I know that many churches are going to radically change in coming months…in terms of format and structure, order of service, etc…there will be a restoration of divinely ordered worship services that effectively integrates the children. Those who are sensitive to this leading will be rewarded with manifestations of Glory that so far exceed anything they have ever experienced…whole communities will be impacted and transformed. Amen. 

Existing frameworks for musical expression that have been in place for centuries are about to be obliterated and replaced with Heaven’s arrangements and frameworks. The movie industry won’t even know how to keep up with the creative flow of original, staggeringly brilliant screenplays and concepts for cinematography…which effectively depict the reality of an invisible Kingdom. Amen.

Be Blessed!